Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Wonderful Weekend

My mother and father came up this weekend. It was wonderful seeing and visiting with them. I love seeing them and miss them madly when there gone.

Thanks to my mother I have an deep love for antiques, She always brings me something really awesome. She used to collect cigarette boxes and ashtrays from the 1930's - 1950's. She has given me her collection and when she comes up she brings a new piece to add to it.
This time she surprised me with these 3 things:
The Japanese dressing gown was my great uncle. He was in the Korean War and he brought this back from his time there. He had bought it when he was in Japan recovering from being wounded. I love the detail and the color.

My parents have been married for 50 years! My mom does wear much jewelry anymore. She asked me if I had a wedding band and I told her yes just a band and she gave me her wedding ring. I was SHOCKED. I have loved this ring since I was a little girl. And it fits!

We didn't go to the Loot Vintage show. Instead Mom, Abby, James and I took off and went to the Antique Mall in Downtown Carrollton. It's a really nice place and the prices are good.
I told my mother I was looking for a Vanity. I didn't have one and have wanted one for years.

The 1st item I saw was a lamp. I have been looking of a lamp for my desk. I wanted a girly lamp, something different. I was so happy it worked and the price was great. $14.50. The lamp is from the 1950's. My wonderful Hubby looked at it and said "God that shade it ugly!" I love it the shade is in great shape and that is the one thing that caught my eye.
As for the Vanity. I found one. My mother bought for my Birthday/Christmas gift. I am so Thankful to her for it. I LOVE IT! I sat there and stared at it all night last night. it's from the 1930's and it's beautiful and perfect.

This is after I put it all together with my hair and makeup.

My mom also found another ashtray set

So after I worked on my vanity this morning after my parents left I had this to deal with.YIKES!!!!

My desk was a mess, I had stuff all over the floor and I still was working on setting up the Vanity. 2 hours later I finished and love the outcome.

The pen holder and paper clip holder was actually a cigarette holder and ashtray. The pink poodles is another thing my mom likes to collect and I have my Emily Post book placed nicely on my desk so I can make quick references when I need to.

Now I just need the hubby to clean is desk!

I also bought 4 Christmas gifts and put it away in the gift box so that I can remember what I purchased.
It was a wonderful and surprising weekend!

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