Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Daily, Weekly Cleaning. The new list!

I decided to change up my cleaning routine a bit. Spice it up! 
My family found that the 15 minutes of cleaning together everyday became really hard to keep going because we are all on a different schedule now. With 1 of the kids in college now and the other having her senior year of high school I felt they needed to working on their studies right now. NOW they still have to keep up with washing their clothes and cleaning their rooms.

I was inspired and used a lot of my Master Cleaning List here:

This list also has Monthly and a Yearly checklist.

 I always start cleaning right after I come home from work. I'm still in that "work mode" which helps keeps me focused. Everyday I make sure to:

Pick up clutter in the living areas
Clean & wipe down counters in the dinning and kitchen areas
Wash dishes (No dish washer here all by hand)
My Son is in charge of making sure the garbage goes out.
My wonderful hubby makes our bed everyday because he gets up way after I do.
I run through my room making sure all clothes are picked up and put in the hamper.
I wipe the sink down in our bathroom
I always sort and go through our mail daily. (it's so much easier that way than doing it weekly)

That takes about 20 minutes to complete. Then I move on to what room is on that day's weekly cleaning list. I have played around with what day I wanted to do each room and I have found this works the best.

Monday: Living Areas

Straighten Bookshelves
Dust Surfaces
Wipe Down or Polish Furniture
Windex Windows
Sweep, Vacuum and Mop

Tuesday: Dinning and Kitchen

Sanitize Counter tops
Clean Microwave
Toss Out Old Food
Wipe Down Appliances
Sweep & Mop Floor

Wednesday: Master Bedroom

Dust Surface
Change Sheets & Launder Sheets
Windex Windows

Thursday: Planning and Misc.

Do My Laundry
Meal Planning
Make Grocery List
Water Plants

Friday: Paper & Office Area

Pay All Bills
Clean and Dust Desk Area
File Any Papers Away
Sweep and Mop Floor

Saturday: Bathroom

Wash Towels & Rug
Clean Toilet
Scrub Shower and Bath Tub
Windex Mirrors
Clean Sinks
Sweep and Mop Floor

 Each room depends on how much longer it takes to clean anything. It is no longer than an hour. I have make 2 homemade cleaning products to try this week I can not wait to share the outcome of trying them out.
and for title and tubs

I am also going to try something I found on Pintrest about my top loaded washer.

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