Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday Menu

It's that time during the week! This menu was chosen from Pintrest. Basically I went to bottom of each board and picked a recipe from there. The boards I used was Crock Pot, Pasta, Chicken Meals, Beef and Pork. I had most of the ingredients so all I spent at the grocery store was $23.72.
Also when I took inventory of everything for lunch I realized we had a lot of stuff to make lunches so I didn't have to buy anything for our lunches.

 Now I do post the pictures from the original post I got the recipe from than I go back through the week and post my own pictures from the recipes I have tried. Sometimes I wonder how did they getting the meal to look the way they do and why does mine not look as good? It's a good side by side comparison.

Saturday: Chicken and Bean Burritos
I wrote why this recipe was not made Friday and got made to Saturday's meal on last weeks Monday Menu.

This meal was a hit! My step kid were asking what is the green stuff and they were a bit weirded out looking at but once they took the first bite and all was good. Even My hubby was worried his boys wouldn't like it. SURPRISE They didn't. There wasn't any left overs..
I was so hungry when I took this picture.

Sunday: We are having a cook out at my in-laws. I am bringing Deviled Eggs, My Father-in- Law made these mouth watering Hamburger Dogs and a very Yummy potato salad!

Monday: Chicken Spaghetti and Garlic Bread
This is not a recipe I would do during the work week. It did take time to make it plus the use of a lot of dishes. (Remember I have to wash all dishes by hands!)
It was a very Yummy Dish and filled all of us up plus we have leftovers for lunches and leftover night.

Some of the ingredients I used. I decided to use olives as well as pimentos.
Pouring the mixture into my casserole dish, MMMM Cheese and WOW this smells so GOOD!

For lunch today I made Tuna Fish Sandwiches. I love the fact that it's quick to make and good to eat. Plus for a side dish I had some of my father-in-law's Yummy Potato Salad!
Here is a seek peek at tomorrow's lunch:

Tuesday: Jalapeno Chicken & Rice Casserole
Can you say YES! YES! YES!
This dish was GREAT! When I got home from work I started boiling the chicken. While the chicken was boiling I did my Daily/Weekly chores and I got lunch ready for tomorrow. When I finished with that the Chicken was done and used the same boiling water to make the rice to give it a chicken flavor. (I used a boil in the bag brown rice that I got on sale earlier this summer)
It was mouth watering! I even went back for a 2nd helping. 
Lunch today was Homemade pizza rolls and a salad. I use the directions on the crescent package. These Pizza Rolls are huge I only took 1 to work with my salad.


Wednesday: Crock Pot BBQ Chicken
This was an okay meal. The Chicken was dry. I served it with rice and beans.

Thursday: Leftover night!! WOOO HOOO No cooking for Mom!!!

Friday: Taco Meatloaf

This was a good dish. My hubby loved it!

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