Thursday, February 26, 2015

March's Book to read

YAY! I'm getting to post this early! March's book that I will be reading is To Marry an  English Lord.
I got this book because of my love for Downton Abbey. The marriage of Robert and Cora was based on the truth that was happening to the high class of England during the turn of the century. For them to save their lands and homes (due to mismanagement of money) Dukes and Earl's looked to America's wealthy and married heiress's
I can not wait to give you a report for this book! I bought it on Amazon for $5.00

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

St. Patrick Day Wreath

St Patrick's Day Wreath
I wanted to do something a bit different for St. Patrick's day and not the normal green wreath. I found this picture of wreath using the colors of Ireland's flag and feel in love. I couldn't wait to get started.

Hobby Lobby here I come! I did over buy (better to be safe than sorry) and spent 30.00.
I played with the lay out for about 30 minutes until I found what I wanted. I love how it turned out!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Menu

Due to an illness last week some of the dishes on the menu was not cooked. So I just pushed them to this week.
Water of the week: Pineapple Sugarcane Water
  Breakfast: Slammin Sunshine Smoothie
  Lunch: Tuna Fish Sandwich and soup
  Dinner: Creamy Slow Cooker Tortellini Soup

  Breakfast: Green Apple Smoothie
  Lunch: Burrito Bowls
  Dinner: Crock Pot Colorado Burritos

  Breakfast: Oatmeal
  Lunch: Salad
  Dinner: Salsa Verde Chicken Casserole

  Breakfast: Just Peachy Smoothie
  Lunch: Campbell's Soup
  Dinner:Chicken Pot Pie

  Breakfast: Green Fruit Smoothie
  Lunch: Leftovers
  Dinner: Birthday Dinners (Red Lobster)

  Breakfast: Breakfast Crescent Dogs
  Lunch: Husband's Choice
  Dinner: Irish Guinness Beef Stew

Breakfast: Bulls eye
Lunch: Pizza Rolls
Diinner: Lemon Butter fish

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Saturday's Day Out with The Teenagers

Yesterday was the once a month lunch date with my 2 teenagers. It's a way for us to get out and eat at different places around Dallas. We always have fun and it gives us time to relax and spend time together. This month we went to Fuzzy's tacos. None of us had been there and we were all looking forward to eating there.
Fuzzy's had a very relaxed environment and the food was really good. We spent $26.00 for our drinks, meal and chips and dip.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Menu Round up

Ahh It's the Menu round up! How did the smoothies go? How was the flavored water? What was the best lunch and dinner? And what about the snacks?
Let's start off with the snacks!
Cubed Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Peanuts and then I found Larabar at Kroger's and fell in love with it.
The ingredients are: Dates, Almonds, Unsweetened Apples, Walnuts, Raisins,Cinnamon.
I strongly recommend it!
I choose a detox water to help with bloating and it worked. It was easy to make and it tasted so good.
The ingredients are: 1 Cucumber, 1 Lime, 1 Lemon, Half a Grapefruit (you can use 1 Orange instead) and Mint.
Just put everything in water and let it chill in the fridge. Presto Flavor Detox Water

Dinner of the Week!
Turkey Rolls and Green bean Cassaroll

This is the meal of the week. It is quick and super easy to make
Turkey lunch meat
Stove Top Stuffing
Heinz Turkey Gravy

  1. Pre-heat oven to 425
  2. Pour stuffing in bowl. Add one and half cups of water. Microwave one minute
  3.  Spread stuffing on Turkey
  4.  Roll up the Turkey and stuffing
  5.  Poor Gravy on top of the Turkey rolls
  6. Pop in the oven for 15 minutes

Ingredients for Green bean Cassaroll:
1 can cream of mushroom soup
4 cups cooked green beans
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1/2 cup milk
1 1/3 cups French fried onions

Mix soup, milk and pepper in a 1 1/2-quart casserole dish. Stir in beans and 2/3 cup of the fried onions. Bake for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees F. Top with the remaining 2/3 cup fried onions and bake about 5 more minutes, until onions are lightly browned.

The smoothies were great I'm making the same smoothies this next week. I didn't take pictures because I forgot. (to early in the morning) This coming week I am gong to take pictures and I'll post the recipes next week.

Operation: January's Big Project COMPLETED!

I'm late in posting this. At the beginning of the year My wonderful husband and I sat down and make a to-do list of things that we needed to work on around the house or with the family.
January's to-do list was simple for my husband and as it turned out not so hard for me.
My husband had to take both our dogs to the vet and get their shots. (not so hard right) I thought I start his year off easy.
My to-do was to paint our dinning room ceiling.UGH! Now I had painted the walls a year earlier from Mustard Yellow to a Gray Blue, however never got around to the ceiling (which was Mustard Yellow) I was going to go White with the ceiling. When it came to buying the paint I bought one with Primer in it so that I wouldn't have to do 18 coats of white to cover up that Mustard Yellow. It took me maybe 3 hours to paint the whole ceiling and WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MAKES!
as you can see in the before picture the walls and the ceiling do not go together. UGHH Mustard Yellow!

I still had to paint the trim in this picture (thanks to my daughter)she did it for me!
Plus with the new window film I'm putting up it's going to tie the room together, beautifully! I can't wait to have this room finished with all the redecorating!

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Last Kingdom

I have been challenging myself not only with crafts, working out and cooking but with reading as well. I told myself in January I will read 1 book a month starting in February. So I searched Amazon for a book that I would enjoy reading. (I made myself choose a book that was not a Biography) I am not the type of woman that likes romance novels, so no 50 shades of anything here. I found a series that was on the New York Best Seller list and it sounded really good and like something I would read. So I quickly hit the purchase button before I let myself second guess anything.
February's Book is The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell.

It takes place in Britain during ninth century when kingdom after kingdom fell to the Danes (Vikings) All of England and the course of history depends upon one man, one king. So far it's been a really good read.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Monthly Deep Clean

Keeping up with my monthly Deep Cleaning List.

This month is cleaning Blinds and Curtains. This is a huge job and not exactly one my favorite chores. However I have big plans. I am getting rid of the mini blinds in the front part of my house and I am putting up pull down shades this weekend.(I think they are easier to clean and offer more privacy) For my dinning room I have a extra special idea for my window treatments I found at Home Depot it's a window film. The reason I went this route with my dinning room is I love my windows and I wanted to get natural light in this room without letting everyone that passed the house on our street being able to see in.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rolling out the Green

Now that Valentine's day and President's Day is over it's now time to turn my focus to 2 birthday's and St. Patrick's day! My teenagers are turning the big 19 and 18 at the end of this month. What an exciting time for them! Our birthday plans are a dinner out with family and friends at their choice of restaurant.

 As for St. Patrick's day, I have bought the supplies to make my door wreath and I plan on working on it this weekend. Here are some of the other wreaths that I was inspired by.

I found this site for a great idea for that special someone in your life
Here is a website with Free Printable
And here is a list of Irish Party Ideas
Let's get ready to get our LUCK ON!!!

Also the 1st weekend in March is the North Texas Irish Festival! I am so looking forward to it.
It's a great place to take the family and you can bring your 4 legged children too!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Menu

For the next 2 weeks I am challenging myself and my husband to have a good smoothie for breakfast at least 4 days a week. I am also making a detox water for each week. This week it will be Peppermint Grapefruit water

  Breakfast: Slammin Sunshine Smoothie
  Lunch: Meatball Sandwich
  Dinner: Turkey Roll and Green Bean Casserole

  Breakfast: Green Apple Smoothie
  Lunch: Taco Dogs
  Dinner: Beef Enchiladas

  Breakfast: Oatmeal
  Lunch: Salad
  Dinner: Chicken & Dumplings

  Breakfast: Just Peachy Smoothie
  Lunch: Burrito Bowls
  Dinner: Shrimp Scampi

  Breakfast: Green Fruit Smoothie
  Lunch: Leftovers
  Dinner: Leftovers

  Breakfast: Bulls eye's
  Lunch: Fuzzy's Tacos
  Dinner: Creamy Slow Cooker Tortellini Soup

Sunday: Next week's post