Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Yearly Challenge is...

The year of 2016 is going to be a big one. Last year I did a wreath every month and I loved challenging myself to it.

 This year is a 52 week challenge of Cleaning, Organizing and De-cluttering our home and lives. I looked all over the internet for a challenge that would work for my family, my house and myself. However I was not finding exactly what I wanted. So I drawing from all the different websites I visited I made my own 52 week challenge. I sat down and wrote out my list and I am so excited to bring this list to you.
I will be starting this the week of January 3,2015 and will be bringing you weekly updates. I would love to see if you choose to do the full 52 weeks or even one week of the challenge with me  with your before and after pictures, as I can't wait to show you my pictures and videos.

Here is the list:
Week 1: Kitchen Counters and Sink
Week 2: Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers
Week 3: Pantry and Food Storage
Week 4: Refrigerator and Freezer
Week 5: Recipes
Week 6: Recycling and Trash Cans
Week 7: Laundry Room
Week 8: Updating Address and Contact information
Week 9: Filing System
Week 10: Boy’s Closet
Week 11: Bathroom
Week 12: Master Bedroom Closet
Week 13: Jewelry / Accessories
Week 14: Shoes
Week 15: Yard
Week 16: Garage
Week 17: Toys and Games
Week 18: Living Room
Week 19: Dining Room
Week 20: Vanity
Week 21: Vehicles
Week 22: Crafting Area
Week 23: Abby’s Room
Week 24: Abby’s Closet
Week 25: James’ Room
Week 26: James’ Closet
Week 27: Movies, CD’s
Week 28: Medicine/First Aid Kit
Week 29: Purses/Brief Cases
Week 30: Emergency Preparedness
Week 31: Laundry Schedule
Week 32: Pets
Week 33: Bills
Week 34: Master Bedroom
Week 35: Office Area
Week 36: Windows, Outside
Week 37: Attic
Week 38: Books
Week 39: Home Inventory
Week 40: Meal Planning/Grocery Shopping
Week 41: Coupons
Week 42: Cleaning Schedule
Week 43: Photographs
Week 44: Cell Phones
Week 45: Seasonal Clothes Switch
Week 46:  Passwords/ Manuals/Warranties
Week 47: Holiday Decorations
Week 48: Ac Unit
Week 49: Heaters
Week 50:  Email and Digital information
Week 51: Family Calendar
Week 52: Your Goals for the next year

So Lets Get Cleaning!

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