Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Simple Things I do around the house

Hello all! I wanted to share some of the things I do to keep my family healthy and fed. With this week being Christmas week both the teenagers will be home when they are not working. I also know that this week I will be extremely busy running them around town, working and taking care of the Family's meals. So I have prepared a quick grab and go snack for my family and I. (now I know I will be the main one eating this)
I found these boxes at Aldi today for 49 cents each. WHAT! Ok lets try them!

When I got home from my grocery shopping I grabbed my snack bags and put 2/4 of a cup in each bag. I only opened the Ginger Spice because I'm saving the 2nd box for next week.

I got 7 snack bags out of a box. It's great for a quick snack.

Also at Sprout's their Pineapples were 98 cents. I try to keep fresh Pineapples on hand because they are GREAT for a sore throat. Seriously if you get a sore throat eat some Pineapple. It can be can Pineapple, but it will take care of that sore throat.

So we have fresh Pineapple that is cutting up in the fridge.
I do simple things around the house to prepare myself and my family for the week. Taking these steps saves us time when we really need it.

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