Friday, December 25, 2015

Plan With Me

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your holiday with loved ones.

Me and My Big Ideas was having a sale on their Happy Planners and I had to have one!

This plan with me is not only for the week of December 28,2015 to January 3,2016; but for the monthly calendar as well.

For my monthly calender I wanted to keep it simple and I wanted a black/gold color  theme with a bit of red.
 I love the planner stickers I got from Organized Eden. Her Esty shop is here:

This is the Washi tape I will be using:

I love the way it turned out:
I kept it simple and sweet.

The weekly calendar I wanted to be bright and fun.

I got the planner stickers at Cricket Paper Co. I love the colors!

The first thing I did was cover up the note section with Washi Tape:
Then I used the Washi Tape to cover the morning/afternoon/evening areas as well as the bottom of my planner paper.
How cute it's turning out to look!

Next up was placing all the sticker's in my planner. I put the Resolution's stickers in the note section.

I love these weekend stickers! 

Also the grocery bag sticker I got at Planning for Happiness. Her Esty store is awesome!

I am sorry about the shadows in the pictures. I didn't realized they were there until I uploaded it to my computer.
I love how this week came out.

And one last thing that I added was something I can look at a remember how blessed I am!