Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cleaning up

This week I focused on a few areas that needed some attention. First was the pantry. We don't have 1 area that has all our pantry items. We have 3 different places we store our dry goods and they were a mess. So I emptied all of them onto our dinning room table and started fresh.

Well after wiping out all the cabinets it all got organized.

I even brought back the drink area with hot tea and coco for the kids

WHEW! Not quite done yet! It was time to go through my closet and get rid of cloths I don't wear anymore.Plus I wanted to change some stuff around in the room. Now I don't actually have a closet. It's a pole hanging from the ceiling in our office area. (1940 house had small closets)

UGH this is going to be a chore! Took my B12 and got to work! What a reward!

Next week will be the baseboards and Vacuuming the furniture Plus I think hubby is power washing the outside of over windows!

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