Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What a Weekend it was!

This weekend Dallas hosted the North Texas Irish Festival at Fair Park. As I had said in a previous post this wasn't just a family friendly event but a bring you family dog event as well.
 So I purchased 4 tickets (luckily for me 1 of the kiddos got in free) We loaded up the van with everyone and 2 dogs and headed to Fair Park for some Irish fun!
 This was the 1st time for me to go to Fair Park (that's right I've never been to the Texas State Fair) I have to saw the building there are beautiful! It's nice to see old building standing with some great details to each building.
 The festival was packed and it was dinner time, everyone went for fair food except my daughter who was eating HAGGIS!!! (she actually liked it!)
 Now I would love to say I took loads of pictures and want to share them, however when your having fun getting out the camera is the last thing we think of. I did take 2 pictures of the dogs.

Speaking of the dogs they were worn out for 2 days after the festival.

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