Monday, January 13, 2014

14 Weeks of organizing your home! Week 1!

I am challenging myself to a 14 week organizing my house. I got the challenge at:
I had to take their list and change it a bit because it's January, it's cold, and my garage will be a 2 week Family Task!
Going room by room and getting rid of things we do use or that have expired and cleaning as I go! First take a picture of before and then take a picture after. Use 4 baskets for keep, donate or garage sale, trash,other room. Here is the 14 week list of rooms:

1. Kitchen
2. Pantry
3. Landry Room
4. Bathroom
5. Office
6. Master Closet
7. Master Bedroom
8. My Son's Bedroom
9. Step-son's Closet
10. Dinning Room
11. Living Room
12.My Daughter's Room
13 & 14. Garage

This is not something that can be done in 1 day. So if you choose to do this take baby steps.
 Before I started I went to the Dollar Tree and bought different containers for organizing!
They have a great selection and only a buck who can go wrong!

The 1st day I decided I would clean the top of our fridge (and outside of it too) and use the cabinets that are above the fridge for things we use seasonally. The goal was to get as much stuff off the top of my fridge.

 Day 2 was the microwave area and cabinet under the microwave. I wanted to put my spices in a draw so that they were easier to get to and take all my tupperware and put it in the cabinet under the microwave. After I was done I could see a huge difference and that's when it hit me how great of a thing this 14 week project was!

Day 3 I did all my lower cabinets. Got rid  of baking pans that were way to old and wouldn't clean up.

Day 4 was all the drawers. This was the big test! I had that junk drawer that I just wasn't looking forward into cleaning out. I went through it and thought "do we really need this?" What ended up happening was most of the drawer found it's way to trash.

Day 5 Upper Cabinets. I live in a house from the 1940's it didn't come with a pantry. One of my upper cabinets was being used as part of our pantry. My goal was to get the canned goods out and to be able to used it to hold my baking stuff.
  Also I love, LOVE dishes! I has to go through and put into a garage sale pile dishes I'm not going to use. After I finished I was very happy with the result!

 Day 6 counter tops. It actually got easier and easier to organized as the week went on because I started to think of where I wanted everything and how I wants it to look. I wanted A LOT of stuff off my counter tops. and because I had organized the rest of the kitchen it was completely easy. This was maybe an hour job!

Day 7 Fridge and Freezer. We all need clean out our Fridge's at least once a month. I hadn't done it in 6 months so this was chore. I also did this on a very cold day that made me not very happy! LOL

 After I was done I was amazed I had fallen in love with my kitchen again! I was and am so inspired to head into week 2!

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