Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday's Menu

Well now that we have calmed down from all the summer planning I am back! This week's menu is about fast cooking. It's hot here in Texas and after a long day of work the last thing I wants to do is heat up my kitchen!


Sausage and Potatoes with steamed Broccoli
This is an extremely quick and easy meal to make!

Crock pot Santa Fe Chicken
This is the new recipe of the week!!!

Breakfast Casserole and a Fruit salad
There is nothing wrong with Brenner! we haven't had it in a long time!


Meat loaf, Mash potatoes and corn
How much more traditional can I get!


Because food is not allowed to go to waste here!


Skillet Chicken Fajitas with Black Beans
This has actually because my family's favorite dinners.


Chicken with Basil Alfredo sauce, Salad and Green Beans
The hubby asked for this to be on the menu this week, I can't say no now can I!

I'm not posting our lunches and breakfast because right now we are all on different schedules and wanting different things for those meals. I will be posting every Saturday the recipes and pictures from my Sunday Menus! 
What's your favorite dinner to cook? Do you find it on your weekly menu more often than not? I would love to here about it, just post a comment below!

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