Friday, July 31, 2015

DIY My Laundry Room

Welcome to the entry/laundry room of our 1940's house. As you can see it's so small it only holds the washer. This room is dark and very small! The brown door and panelling does not help. I don't even know the last time it was actually painted. I'm going super simple with the paint. The walls, ceiling, trim and door will be painted white. What is so great about going white is this is from the same paint can I have painted our kitchen. (SAVINGS!!!) I feel white will give it a bright clean feel, with my accent color will be yellow.

August 1 and 2 I will be painting all walls, ceiling, trim, and door.Now as small as this room is I really don't see this taking 2 days more like a few hours. So I am hoping the hubby will help me pull up the tile that is on the floor.

August 8 and 9 I will installing another shelf above my washer, so I have 2 shelves to store stuff. (1940's house have no storage) and I will painting the small table next to my washer a bright yellow. (So far I'm going to have to buy materials for a new shelf and a small can of yellow paint)

August 15 and 16 I will be laying down new tile. My mother bought me a box of peel and stick tile.It was for our bedroom, but we haven't used it yet and it will not take a lot of the tiles.

August 22 and 23 Time to hang the curtains and pictures. And organize everything because The Room is DONE!!!

So that's the plan! Now Let's Get Started!

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