Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What is coming in May

Well last weekend was way relaxing. We did not do much except plan what we want to do for May.

 May's room makeover is, well, it's the front yard. The hubby and I have been debating about making flowerbeds and putting some curb appeal to our front yard.So after an extremely long talk about what we want to do we have finally come up with a plan. The hardest thing about our front yard is that there is a lot of shade (7 huge trees) so we have to be very picky about what plants to pick!
Also we will be cleaning out the garage. YIKES!!

My daughter Abby is going to be posting here ever Thursday. I can't wait to she what she has!

 May also bring's Memorial Day and my son's graduation! 

So get ready and bring on MAY!!!

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