Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What a wonderful weekend!

I love those weekends where you get a lot done and have tons of time to relax! Last weekends was one of those weekends!

Lets start with Friday! It rained so hard that this is what my front yard looked like..Well actually this picture is the beginning of it. The whole yard was flooded!Not the house, just the yard. So Friday night we sat out on the front porch and talked while the water receded.

Saturday I finished the top part of my quilt! YAY! While the sewing machine was out I finished the curtain for the window in front of my kitchen sink.
You can see my wonderful hubby outside of the window, he was working in the yard. We are going to be doing a lot of yard work this next month. (super excited!)

The plan for Saturday was to clean out the garage, however due the rain Friday night we had what we  call "Lake Ausmus" in front of the garage. My kids were happy Lake Ausmus was there because they didn't have to help with this project.

I got tons of cross stitching done both Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday hubby and I went grocery shopping and I got busy washing all the clothes, picking up the house and reading about what plants will work in our shaded yard.
Sunday night we watched another sets of big storms roll through the area, worried about tornado's. But it all worked out!

This weekend was great and we all needed to relax here at the house.

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