Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday Craft!

 There is a story to this crafty quilt! 

4 years ago I told my husband "I'm going to teach myself to sew!" I went out bought my sewing machine and was so excited when I got home and took it out of the box. I thought to myself at the time the number of things I wanted to do with this machine. As I read the owners manual I realized how confused I was on how to work this machine.Frustrated I sat the sew machine down to collect dust for 2 years. 
 Last year while my mom(she is very crafty and used to sew all the time) was visiting I pulled it out, looked at her and said "HELP!" 
 She showed me how to make a bobbin, thread the needle and how to use my machine. I was SUPER excited! I started cutting my blocks for a rag quilt. The cheat for this is to cut a cardboard the size of the square you want and use that when cutting the material.

 WHEW! All squares were cutting let the sewing begin! And that's what I did, happily I sewed my squares together, Nothing was going to stop me! I had my mom make 1 bobbin for me and I thought I could figure out how to make another, I was STOPPED again and frustrated.Sewing machine set a side again.
Earlier this month I was talking to a co-worker about how frustrated I was about the bobbin thing and she uttered the magic words. "Try looking up a how to video on you tube." WHAT! How could I have completely over looked this. I am always telling my hubby to go to you tube! 
I came home that night and thanks to the magic of the internet, I have my bobbin made and I am now sewing again!
 The top of this quilt will be finished by the end of April. As I sit here and type I have about 30 minutes worth of sewing to complete it. I've budgeted in for May the batting and back fabric for this quilt so it will be completed by the end of May!
 I told my husband that this quilt will remind me about how even though I set everything aside a couple of time I DID COME BACK and I DID FINISH IT!

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