Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Scrubbing and Washing

Last week I posted about monthly cleaning I was doing. Well this week I continued the monthly cleaning check list. I did something that was easy and I tackled a huge project for me.
Easy- Washing the Shower Curtain

I mean really it's easy the only hard part of it is taking the shower curtain down and putting it back up. I love my shower curtain. I found it a couple of years ago at Big Lots for $2.00. We have a clear, plastic shower curtain behind it that we replace every 6 months. NOW that is a a chore, cause I'm not dealing with 1 curtain but 2. Plus I have the cheap O rings. Next time we replace the liner I'm buying open hooks for our curtains!!

Hard: Cleaning the inside of the fridge.
Now normally it would be easy, However, the wonderful hubby wanted a window A/C unit in the window beside the fridge. The door will not open all the way so I called the Tetras King of house, the hubby, to remove the drawers for me. Plus at the bottom under the drawer someone had spill something and it was yucky!
 The fridge was a mess!

Yes I did grab our cooler to add the thing from the door. And I love how the jelly is leaning!
I filled my sink up with Hot Water and added a few drops of soap, 2 cups of vinegar and 1/4 cup of baking soda and started cleaning like a fool!
It took an hour and the cleaning solution I used worked AWESOME! Stuff was coming up fast with my sponge. 

Happy Donna with her Clean Fridge! 
I didn't get to the pantry. That will be next week along with cleaning the oven, the outside of the fridge, the baseboards, and vacuuming the furniture. I found this lint brush for my couch I can't wait to try out! Whew thank goodness I'm going to have help next weekend!

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