Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Wreath

Can you believe we are already in October? I can't!

When I made my 1st monthly wreath in December 2014 I was actually worried I would completely suck at making these wreaths. As I look for inspiration I see these huge wreaths with tons of stuff on them and that's just not my style. I have over the months taken bits and pieces from different wreaths and made them my own. The largest wreath I've made was August, and I love that wreath.

 So when it came to October I had and idea. I didn't want something scary or a witch fling into my door. You know the ones. I like looking at those I think they are really inventive. I wanted something classic. When I think of  Halloween it may surprise some of my friends the 1st 2 things that comes to mind is H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. No I'm not that good to do a Cthulhu wreath, although that would be cool, No No Donna nothing scary. Right let's get back on track Poe it is. Ravens, a tortured soul that Mr. Poe was and not to mention he did die mysteriously.

So I went looking for a raven, Not a big raven I wanted something small, Micheal's had it. Now for 2 black roses. (the roses are not from Poe) Their for me, see my birthday is November 1 so seeing roses everyday until my birthday would make me happy.Then we got these round black balls,(no clue why they were cool looking) A Styrofoam wreath and 2 fat quarters of orange fabric. I wasn't going to go all black on this wreath, my 16 year old self would have, However the woman I have become I have excepted color in my life. I got out of Micheal's $19.20 light in my wallet and headed home to work on this wreath, Completely inspired by myself, my thoughts and my feelings about what Halloween was to me. Due to my birthday being the next day Halloween was always my rite of passage to new year.

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