Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cleaning my Washer

In a perfect world my house would be spotless and organize, I dream about it however I realize this is real world and I am a working mom. Even though I have teenagers that could do a lot of the work, I feel as a mom I need to lead by example.
Now  there are just some area's of your home that needs to be cleaned once a month. (Yay only once a month!)This week I am going to be cleaning 1 thing on my monthly cleaning list. Sometimes it's something quick like washing your shower curtain and sometimes it a project that you sigh at and make yourself do like cleaning baseboards. (can you tell what cleaning I am not looking forward to?)
So I added to my calendar each week what I will will be completing each monthly task I will most like add the easy ones to my daily routine while tackling the harder ones on the weekend.
Last week I cleaned my top loader washer. I know it's not a HUGE cleaning job but it needed to be done.

So I used a pin I had found on Pintrest. I really never thought about cleaning the inside of my washer until I found this pin.

I followed the directions that were given to the T.

When the washer was completed I was disappointed. It wasn't completely clean. Hummm Ok... Round 2. This time while the bleach water was filling up the washer I took a sponge and scrubbed places I saw that was dirty.
The 2nd time worked. 
Where my finger is was a dark line. When I started cleaning it I noticed it was stuck on so I scrubbed and scrubbed.If you look at the top picture you can see the dark line.

This picture is the outcome of cleaning my washer

Next week for my monthly cleaning check list I will be washing my shower curtain and cleaning the inside of my fridge. I also will be re-organizing my "closet", the pantry, and the wonderful hubby will be cleaning the air vents and the coils behind the fridge.
I can't wait to share with you the homemade cleaning products I am going to make this week!

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