Tuesday, September 1, 2015

And I'm posting again!

Hello All!!
I decided to take the summer off just to relax and try to keep cool! For some reason summertime makes me unmotivated to do much. Seeing how school started last week for my daughter, Abby, I figured it's now time to start blogging again! This is a big year for her and me. It's her senior year!!! And that means it's my last senior year with my 3 kids. My poor hubby is going to have to deal with me being pretty darn emotional this year.
This is also a big year for my Son. It's his first year in college. I can't wait to hear about how different it is from high school.
So without further delay:
 I am planning my September wreath. I did an August one but did not post it. Sorry. Here is what it looks like.
I was extremely proud at how it came out! So stay tuned for September's wreath.
Here are some of the wreaths I have been looking at to get inspired:

I am so proud of all the wreaths I have made this year. I realized yesterday after September I only have  2 more wreaths to make! 
Yes the planning has begun. I have a few ideas and would love to hear what you think about them.
1. More wreaths
2.Monthly decoration for my dinning room table
3. Front porch decorations

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