Thursday, September 10, 2015

How my Labor Day Weekend Was Spent

 I love 3 day weekends. It's not a time for me to relax as much as it's a time for me to catch up on things at home. The only shopping I did was grocery shopping this weekend.

Saturday morning my hubby had some errands to run with his youngest son. I also ran out to do my grocery shopping and I was surprised at how empty the store was and how fast I got back home.
I then started my weekly to-do list. I love doing my grocery shopping in the morning.
Saturday night we had music night. This is something I have done with the kids for years. We play all different types of music all night and sitting around and talk or dance. It's so much fun.

We had a great dinner with my extended family Sunday night. OH! and bonus Nascar was playing on my father-in-law's t.v. set. (Ok it's cause I asked but he likes Nascar too!)We all had many laughs that night. My son (who never leaves his room now a days) even went. It was a wonderful time!
Me and the Hubby.

 My wonderful hubby laughed at me because I did stick to my daily/weekly cleaning routine. Today was the living room. That worked out great because my step sons were getting ready to head back to Austin so they had to pick up the living room. (We have an awesome pull out couch that they sleep on when they come up) I need to keep busy or I get bored. I got to catch up on some of the Blogs I love and I found some new ones to. Plus I got to update my family's measurements (it's harder than it sounds!)and plan for the up coming trip for Fall/Winter clothes shopping. And I'm going to say it.. I started planning for Christmas. (Yikes in September!) I'm getting the gift giving list together so I can start buying things now. Hubby and I talked about a budget and he likes the idea of me buying everything over the next couple of months instead of buying it over a 2 weeks and being stressed out the whole time.

 I was even able to read a few chapters in my book and I did relax. Hubby got to play his video game while I watched Monday.
 It's now 10:00 pm Labor Day Night. I just  finished my daily beauty routine. Making sure that my clothes are picked out for tomorrow and going over my weekly calendar. I am also finishing listening to a YouTube video of a Vlogger I found this weekend that is wonderful and insightful.
Her name is Jamerrill. She is a mother of 7 children. She goes over grocery hauls, Menu planning, and home schooling. This is her YouTube channel.

 All in all it was a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and I am lucky to be able to spend it with people I love.

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