Monday, February 3, 2014

14 Weeks of organizing your home! Week 4!

I am challenging myself to a 14 week organizing my house. I got the challenge at:

Week 4 has come a gone. The Bathroom being the smallest room in the house you would think would be the quickest. My medicine cabinet can hold A LOT of things! I was surprised at the amount of expired stuff I had. This room though I had fun using a lot of the plastic bind I had bought at Dollar General. 

Here are the Before Pictures:

And Here are the After Photos

1. Kitchen
2. Pantry
3. Laundry Room
4. Bathroom
5. Office
6. Master Closet
7. Master Bedroom
8. My Son's Bedroom
9. Step-son's Closet
10. Dinning Room
11. Living Room
12.My Daughter's Room
13 & 14. Garage

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