Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What did I get at Aldi, Kroger's and Sam's? Did I stay on budget and will my family eat this week? Watch my haul to find out!

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  1. We buy crackers at Kroger for 88 cents(four tubes in the box= 1 lb) it's a white box, says Saltines with an owl and the word Psst over his head. If you can't find it the bar code is 011110018779. We love this brand better than Premium Crackers.
    Also Drew says the Sharp Cheddar Cheese in the block at Aldi's is the best cheese he's ever eaten. Of course it's a personal preference on anything.
    I always look at the discounted meat where ever I shop.
    I do like that you tells the store brand and if it's good or not. I sometimes ask other customers that are buying store brands if they've bought it before & if it's good. I don't want to waste money just because something is cheaper. As far as I'm concerned it's not a bargain if no one will eat it.
    Thanks for your post.