Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'm Super Exicited!

Yes, It's a new Blog! I have been planning this blog out since August. It's not all about food, however living our lives the best we can. So let me start out about telling you about why I'm doing this.

 Last Febuary I was laid off at work. My wonderful husband told me to take my time and be a stay at home mother for a bit while I find a company I would really like to work with. In husband talk he was telling to find out what I want to do in life. So I had to batten down the hatches with our budget and learn to be a housewife for a few months. To keep myself occupied I started posting my cooking on my blog, and now here we are. Or are we? Actually in August I went back to work with a wonderful company that has some Awesome employees. However now that I'm working, have 2 teenage kids (one that works) and my step-children moved 200 + miles away. (we have them a least twice a month) My life got really busy very quickly. Posting recipes or things that have or are helping me keep it together hopfully helps others. After all SUPERMOM'S need to stand together!

Get ready for A Year Long Challenge that will be posted tomorrow!

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