Saturday, May 9, 2015

Update: The year long crafting project

The goal was to have completed 1 box from my Spring at Hawk Run Hollow pattern. I am happy to say:
Talk about last minute to I completed it at 9:30 last night. (May 8, 2015) I had even told my hubby earlier in the week that I was worried I wouldn't get it done. He gave me words of great encouragement that helped me out a lot! He knew I could do it I had been working on it all month and was almost there, so what did this wonderful man do? He played movies on the TV that I could listen to while stitching my little heart out sitting next to him.
 I changed the color of her dress to a darker purple and I almost changed her hair color to red, because I'm a red head.  That's the wonderful thing about this if I don't like the color I can change it. My favorite thing to stitch was the cats and the big tree.

Now it's on to the next box! This box it a very simple box and I KNOW I can get it done in a month's time.

I get so excited when this blank canvas starts to show a picture and I have been looking forward to stitching this box for a while! I think the thing that will feel like it takes the longest is the outline of the box itself.

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