Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

As I sit here listening to The Ink Spots on my computer and thinking about this weekend there was so many things that we did I am afraid I'll forget everything.

Saturday The Hubby and I went to Scarborough Renaissance Fair. (After this weekend there are only 2 weekends left!)
I seriously think we walk about 8 miles every time we go! My legs feel it the next day. I got to stock up on my favorite body wash there at the Roman Bath. I bought 6 bottles of Temple Smoke for $30.00. That's a year's worth of body soap.  They made my order there for me. I love this stuff. This is their website: http://www.soapmagic.com/

I bought some flavored honey sticks for my teas. It's peach honey, ginger honey and sour apple honey. I mixed them up on purpose so I could be surprised.

Plus a candle from the Royal Candle maker.This Candle smells so good! I like it better than my Yankee Candles! Also you can watch them make candles while you wait to be rung up. It was Fascinating!

I got myself something for Mother's Day. I got a over bust corset from My Favorite Dress Shop. It is last season's style so it was way cheaper then the new corsets! I love the color and it fits perfect! I also Love their dresses they are so pretty!

My wonderful husband surprised me with a few things! First I have been saying for years I wanted a strand of pearls. My Daughter got me an awesome Mother's Day gift ( She is going to blog about it Thursday Stay tuned!) and he wanted to add to it with this necklace. WOW!!!! other than our wedding bands this is the 1st piece of jewelry he has ever bought me. I was SHOCKED!
But it didn't stop there! He things chain mail it cool looking. I have to agree with him it is cool looking. So when he got me this I was super Stunned!
While we were in the shop he was talking to the person ringing him up and asking about how hard it was to make chain mail pieces. She told him they sell everything there to start making chain mail. He looked at me and said "well your always crafting something wouldn't it be nice if while you cross stitching I could be there making chain mail" EEEK (my happy sound)yes it would and now I know what to get him for Father's Day!
Saturday Night we went to the movies and watched The Avenger's. It was a good movie! I was so worn out I was having a hard time towards the end of the movie staying a wake. But I did it!


 Woke up to a huge storm so everything we had planned for to work on the front yard was pushed back for another day. 
 I did my grocery shopping and tried to buy as much as I could to get us through the month.(I am slowing working my way to once a month shopping)
 I also cooked all our lunches for the week. This makes it so much easier to get lunches ready for the week. Also I spent time cutting up veggies and cheese for snacks. I feel if it's I have healthy snacks that are  ready to eat everyone will eat them instead of looking in the fridge and stating "there is nothing to eat!"  
 I basically just did my chores for the day and tons of cross stitching and loads of snuggling on the couch with the hubby. It was a Great weekend!

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