Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Recipe of the week

First off, WOOHOO it's my 100th post!

The recipe for the week is great for those spring and summer afternoons. A nice cool Chicken Salad Sandwich. I have to say I was amazed at how delicious this was and how full 1 sandwich kept me through the work day. This recipe was easy to make.

1 cup of cooked chicken (I boiled mine and used chicken tenders)
1 hard boiled egg
2 tbsp of sweet relish
1/3 cup of mayo
salt & pepper to taste
a pinch of cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon of mustard
Bread of your choice


Combine chicken, mayo, mustard, cayenne pepper, egg, salt & pepper.
Add chicken salad to bread.

 It's that simple.

and I packed them for our lunch

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