Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday's Menu

You would think that since we live in Dallas and it's May the weather would be hot! It's not, well not really it's been humid up here but I'm from Houston and can take the humidity. One day it will be almost 90 degrees the next day 70 degrees. Planning a dinner menu has actually become a bit difficult due to this. (do we make a salad or a soup) However I have finally planned it all out!
This weeks Dinner menu has 2 crock pot dishes due to the weather. If it going to be a hot day I don't have to heat up the house cooking in the kitchen and if it not going to be a hot day we have something from the crock pot that isn't like a stew but still warms the belly! Kind of a win win for me. Also we  are eating out twice both are because of Mother's Day.


Panda Express 


Crock pot Chicken Black Bean Soup
I have all the ingredients in the chicken for this meal. 
Cost This week: $0

My Daughter is taking us out to eat for Mother's day!!!


Crock pot Baked Potatoes with LLOYD's BBQ meat 
This is one of the freezer meals I made a few weeks back.
Cost this week $8.89 


 Patty Melts
This is a new Recipe
Cost this week $4.83




Chicken Enchiladas
Cost this week $7.62
New Recipe! Stay Tuned

So when I went grocery shopping this weekend I went with this in mind: Lets buy all the meat, dog food for the month of May, and try to get as much as I can so that the rest of the month I don't have to do much shopping.
My Hubby's eyes almost popped out of his head when I came home.I told him with Summer approaching I'm going to have to make sure breakfast and lunch and snacks are planned out for all 4 kidos so I am starting early.
 With that in mind I spent $118.45 at Sam's and $109.95 at Kroger's. I know I will have buy a few things but the expensive stuff has been purchased for the month. 
The goal is next week to only have maybe 3 items to buy and week 3 and 4 only buying fruits, vegetables and bread. I want to work it up to where we are shopping 1 time a month.
Sam's cart what isn't pictured is water, Dog food or the 15lb bag of potatoes.

Kroger's cart. There is some much stuff that I couldn't fit it on the table without piling it up. The best buy at Kroger's was Jeanie-o Sweet Italian Sausage for 1.00 each package and 4 came in a pack. I bought 2 packages.

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