Thursday, May 14, 2015

For my Mother

Hello all! This week I wanted to share with you what I bought my mom for Mother's Day, I started thinking about getting my mom something historical, If you don't know my mom she loves history, I mean she LOVES history. It's so bad that if we don't do well in our history classes we feel like we let her down even when she's giving us words of encouragement.

I had found on etsy a cast iron heart shared box that was made in the Soviet Union. Seeing how the Soviet Union is no longer around it was something from history. Then a few weeks ago my mom mentioned she wanted a dress from Lindy Bop. So I was off to Amazon to find a dress for my mom.

 If you have never heard of Lindy Bop they are from the U.K. and have wonderful dresses. The quality is great, me and mom are always impressed when we order from them. They were having a sale on a bunch of their dresses as well, Super score for Abby. It cost me 40.99 for my dress. When it came in I noticed the material that was used was not cheap but it was a thick material. It was a bit wrinkled but my mom (because she is smart) Told me because it was heavy material just to hang it up and gravity would do the work. (IT WORKED!)
The dress fit her perfectly and my mom was so happy!
So score for Abby!!! Now the picture I took was after a long day at work and my mother was just wanting to go into the house to put her feet up plus I was making her laugh and she never really smiles for pictures.
 Happy Mother's Day, Mom I am so glad you loved the dress!

How was everyone else's Mother's day? Did you get surprised with your gift?

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