Friday, January 16, 2015

Planning meals and keeping on budget

I started making a weekly menu years ago as a means to stay on budget at the grocery store and to make sure we had the right kind of foods in our house. I used to plan my menu's with pre-made frozen dinners or hamburger helper. I wasn't that confident with my cooking skills. One day as I was cooking pizza rolls (yeah talk about healthy) It dawned on me that I could be saving more money and eating healthy if I made all the meals myself. (and it would most likely taste better to.)I started off slowly only making 3 dinners a week with no pre-box meal help. forward the clock 4 years later (that's right just 4 years) I'm up to making Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for my family.

 The first thing I do when I start planning the menu for 2 weeks is I start looking through my recipes and (my Favorite place) Pinterest for new recipes. I try to find meals that will take a lot of similar ingredients. This cuts down on food going bad and saves me money. I look at the sales ads to see if I can deals on my ingredients and on y staple items I use on a weekly basis.

 Every week we have a Chicken night, a beef night, a crock pot night, a soup night (in the winter time), a seafood night, A night for me to cook whatever I want to cook and a leftover night.

 So with this all in mind I grab my Menu planner, put on Downton Abbey and start with breakfast. (it's the easiest to do)

 I save making the big breakfast for Saturday and Sundays. I always have a smoothie on Wednesday. Right now while it's winter I like to put a couple of days of oatmeal and at least 1 day a breakfast bread or muffins.

Lunch is the next thing. There is always 2 leftover days.(one of them being from the soup that was planned for dinner) The reason for this is to not waste food. There is 1 day that is a wrap. The rest is still in the works for what will be served for lunch. Right now I put meals I would like to try.

It takes me about 45 minutes to figure out what will be on the menu for 2 weeks. I will admit in my head I start thinking of meals the Sunday before.

My 2 week menu planner stays in my Life Notebook.

 I got my Life Notebook here:

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