Monday, January 26, 2015

Deep Cleaning Monthly

This morning while I was looking over my to-do list it hit me, This is the last week of January! Yikes I haven’t done my deep cleaning project of the month yet. No Worries I have a week to do it and can divide up the duties and concur it!

Month of January – Deep Clean Closet.
You can play along too!

Now living in a house that was built in 1940 means very small closets, and that would not do! So the wonderful hubby hung rods in our over-sized office with the idea that we will build a closet. (it’s on the Honey do list)

This weeks list:

Monday – Tackle the dresser

Tuesday – Clean up my make/Shoe area

Wednesday – Clearing the Closet and organizing the close.

Thursday – Going through the hubby’s close.

 I will be posted before and after pictures at the end of the week!

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