Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grocery Shopping and keeping on budget Pt 2

It's been a crazy week! I wanted to post this blog Thursday but due to sheer exhaustion I made the choice that my bed needed me. Better late than never!

 After my menu is made begins the fun task of figuring out everything I'm going to need. I have found it's easier for me to start my grocery list with all my breakfast ingredients followed by lunch than dinner. I take it one recipe at a time. This is also a time when I say to myself  "what is that and where would it be at the grocery store?" then Google it and I learn something new.
 I do have to check and recheck that I have everything because after reading a bunch of recipes I have found my eyes will miss that 1 important ingredient and It's a big surprise that dinner night!
I used to go to 4 different grocery stores (because of different sales going on) Now I go to Kroger's and Sam's Wholesale. I know everyone keeps telling me about Costco however I don't pay for my Sam's Membership, so I don't complain.

 The big rule: If it's not on the grocery list, I'm not going to buy it!
 The 2nd rule: Don't take my husband with me because he doesn't follow Rule 1! (only take him to Sam's to get the 40 lb bag of dog food)

I even write on the lower bottom of my list things to check my kitchen for before I buy it. I have learned something can be there when you make your menu (Menus are make by Thursday Grocery list Friday) but it can be eaten by the time you go grocery shopping on Saturday.
On week 2 of my menu I do a light day of grocery shopping. That's when I get Seafood, more fruit, bread and milk

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