Monday, January 19, 2015

3 Day Weekend! Woohoo!!

I planned this weekend carefully. I wanted to be able to relax and get my chores done. This was a perfect weekend for me to hangout with some of my friends and not to be rushed with all my chores and crafts.
So let this weekend begin! Friday night I was focused on getting everything ready for Saturday that I needed done. I went to Home Depot and bought paint for my dinning room ceiling and to Micheal's to get supplies for my February wreath.When my husband came home he was restless and wanted to go out. UMMM I did not plan for this. He wanted to go shoot darts and I was waiting until it was time to go get my son from work. Solution: I suggested he go to his parents house and shoot darts with his dad and I will come by once I've picked up my son from work. It worked out fabulously! I had a great time that night with my in laws.

Saturday has come. I woke up with my game face on. The kids went to work and I had a nice, peaceful breakfast with my husband, than he went to work. Wait a second! Am I alone in the house? When was the last time this happened! And why did I decided to torture myself with painting the dinning room ceiling!?!(that is another blog)
Once a month I take the teenagers out to lunch, Just me and my kids. It's a way for us to explore Dallas. The rule is it has to be somewhere they have never been before. This month I took them to Stratos. I love Greek food and this  restaurant has the best Gyros around, plus I love the atmosphere there.
 My wonderful husband and I met up with another couple that night to have drinks (DATE NIGHT!)
I don't usually go to bars, however I have been a couple of times to the Londoner and I love sitting by the their fireplace. Also they have a drink there that I love called the Cucumber Cup. We had a great night hanging out and relaxing with our friends.
 Sunday was the day for me to go grocery shopping. I actually spent the day relaxing from all the fun we had the night before.
 Monday the last day of my weekend. This was the 1 day were I didn't have to take kids to work at 8am so I could sleep in. (I slept in til 8am LOL) I had to go get an estimate  for some work I want done to my car. Then off to meet up for lunch with some of my girl friends at On the Border. I had a ton of fun catching up with them! Then it was time to get to work. Cooking breakfast and lunch for tomorrow and dinner. There was 1 project I did not finish this week, however I would call it an over all success!

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