Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Operation: Kitchen

Mission Accepted!

Jeanette at Snazzylittethings.com posted a 30 day room challenge for us to take part in. When I first read her post I thought "Do I really want to do this and will I have time this month?"
There are loads of spaces in my house that I have been meaning to get to re-decorate and just haven't had time or made the time to do so.
Well I'm making the time for this! After all my kitchen is small and it is the one room I'm in all the time so lets make it beautiful and enjoyable to cook in.
 The 1st thing I did was make a list of everything I want done through April, and write up a budget. Then I divided my list up into a "To-Do" list for each week.

My budget is $100.00
This is my list:

Week 1

1. Take before pictures

2. Buy 4 tension rods (for curtains)
3. Buy all paint
4. Buy fabric for curtains
5. Buy ribbons
6. Clean walls, fridge and oven
7. Search for a small table

Week 2

1.Paint ceiling
2.Paint walls
3.Paint trim

Week 3

1.Paint hardware
2.Make curtains

Week 4

1.Put the finishing touches on the kitchen
2.Take after photos

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