Thursday, April 16, 2015

Operation Kitchen Week 2

 As posted before I have signed up for a remodel of 1 room in my house for the month of April.

Week 2 has finished with Operation Kitchen. The only thing I did not get to was painting the trim. My daughter made a deal with me to help me this weekend with it. I did not have to buy any paint because I had paint leftover from the dinning room and decided to go with a shocking color! Brace for it... WHITE!

 It actually only took an hour to paint both ceiling and walls in this tiny kitchen and the outcome is fantastic! The white paint makes this kitchen feel bigger and brighter!

 It was such a difference that when the kids came home from work they noticed it. and remarked how bright it was.
Let's recap the before Pictures

That Yellow was old and no make how much you cleaned the wall it was dirty looking. Yes even the ceiling was Yellow!

And Now After pictures of WHITE Walls and Ceiling:
I don't know why but I love my wood cabinets! That's why I am only repainting the hardware a copper color. 

I hadn't completely fished with the ceiling when I took this picture

The trim is a cream color. My daughter and I were talking about how it needs to be painted white next weekend. We both feel it will look so much better!

So Far I have spent $10.00 on this make over... WAY UNDER BUDGET!
Week 3's list is:

1.Paint hardware
2.Make curtains.

However I am changing it to:

1. Paint Trim
2. Make Curtains and hang Curtains.
3. Start re-organizing cabinets.
(can anyone say "Your Saturday is booked again Donna!')

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