Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Another weekend has gone by!

My Husband is always going on about how much work I make myself do. I am not one for just vegging out while watching the T.V. I have to much to do and I get bored just sitting there. My way of relaxing is cross stitching, sewing, cooking or cleaning while listening to the T.V.
I plan all my weekends out to catch up on the things I didn't get to through the week and as always for a bit of fun!

This past weekend was yet again full! Friday I played Taxi driver for my kidos. (I can't wait till they finish their driving courses!) My son was meeting all his friends up at Fuzzy's Tacos to have dinner and hang out. NOW when dropping kids off unless they give me a time to pick them up (and he didn't have a time for me to do so) I have learned it's best not to start any projects that is going to take a long while for me to finish. So my hubby and daughter sat in our office and listened to music and had a great time just talking and getting everything ready for tomorrow's Renaissance Fair and double checking my grocery list.

That's right! Renaissance Fair again. This time it was just hubby and I that went. We had so much fun just enjoying our surroundings and each other.But Boy we were SUPER Tired by the time we got home. The weather was perfect! This time pictures were taken!
Me and my wonderful Hubby.

King Henry VIII and Queen Margret of Scotland

 Sunday was a quiet day! Everyone was at work so I had the house to myself. As the hubby leaves for work he tells me "Don't over work yourself!"
 I managed to get a big project (Operation Kitchen) done that I'm going to post about later on this week. Then all the chores, Washing clothes grocery shopping and planning my week in my planner.

 Sunday is also the day I sit down and finalize my blog posting. I try to get as many of them written up for the week. It also gives me a chance to have "fresh eyes" when re-reading what I typed the day before I post the blog. Yes sometimes I say "what was I thinking?" When reading back my post.

It was a FULL WEEKEND I can't wait to do it again!

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