Thursday, April 9, 2015

Last weekend! what fun

It seems the closer we get to summer the busier our weekends are getting! Looking at my Calender I have something planned every weekend until June 1!

  This weekend was a very full weekend. After work me and the teenagers did the grocery shopping, so that it was one less thing to worry about when the weekend went into full swing.
It was the 1st weekend of the month and that means we had my step sons here from Austin. So Friday night we met their mother in Waxahachie  to pick them up. We had made plans for them to spend the night at my in-laws so that they could spend time with their Grand Parents.

Saturday morning I saw the teenagers off to work and started making all my freeze ahead meals and smoothies. The meals took 1 hour to put together and the smoothies took 30 minutes. My parents had headed towards Dallas from Houston early that morning so I made sure to have my lunch for Monday and Tuesday in the crock pot. 
  My mom had a few demands (I giggle when I typed that because I knew it would be tons of fun)
1. To eat lunch at In and Out.
2. To go to a health food store
3. To go to an antique store
4. To go to Walmart
5. Eat Dinner at Chuy's

We did the whole list and had a blast! Dinner at Chuy's was wonderful and we had the whole family there.

Sunday Morning we met my parents at I-Hop for breakfast, My Step son love my dad and they loved breakfast with them. (Because we never eat at I-Hop and they love I-Hop) We said our goodbyes to them as they headed back to Houston,  while we headed to Scarborough Renaissance Festival in the rain and cold!
But we had such a fun time at Scarborough! The boys enjoyed running around and seeing the acts they loved from last year. My wonderful husband enjoyed getting out and walking around and LOADS of people watching!

It was a wonderful weekend! I can't wait until next weekend! We didn't take pictures at the fair because it was raining, cold and muddy. We'll get tons next weekend.

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