Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mid-month update

Hello all! Well my monthly challenge is going great! The challenge was to have my kitchen cleaned before bedtime every night. Now what do I mean by cleaned. It's really simple. I am the dishwasher for the house, Seriously we haven't had one in 7 years I dream of the day when we get one. So for the meanwhile it's me. So all the dishes have to be washed and put away in their place. Instead of letting them sit in the dish dryer overnight or the sink. The counter and stove tops wiped down and the floor swiped.
I have only missed 2 days of doing this. Both times I was so tired I went to bed early that night. However I made sure the next morning that was the first thing I focused on before my coffee.  I even added extras to my list to help out with my monthly cleaning list. Each night if time allows I have done the following:
1. Clean and polish the Sink
2. Clean the top and front of Stove/Oven
3.Clean the front of the fridge
4. Clean the outside of the Microwave

and today I will be cleaning my freezer and fridge out. (The fridge is a weekly task for leftovers)
I still have plenty on my "little extra" list to do.
This is what my Freezer and Fridge looked like:

After 30 minutes of working at it I was finished. I did not pull the shelves and drawers out but I did wipe down everything.

Since this weekend I have also washed my kitchen curtains and cleaned the inside of the microwave.

I love my clean kitchen. It's helped with my time management when cooking. Even the hubby and kids have noticed the difference and they started washing their own dishes.

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