Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas update!

Hello all! I just wanted to give ya a quick update about my Christmas planning. As of right now we only have 2 gifts left to buy! WOOOHOOO!!!! Plus some stocking stuffers! (not worried about that.)
Now the fun part wrapping the gifts.Instead of me sitting now and wrapping all the gifts at once I am going to wrap 4 gifts a night until all the gifts are wrapped. This will save me from getting fed up and the last half of the gifts are wrapped in a hurry and look like poo.

I bought my wrapping paper last year after Christmas and I love the ginger bread house I think this wrapping paper is adorable. Also I went to Dollar Tree and picked up some really cute ornaments to put on the adult gifts. I think these 4 gift came out super cute!

The little note pad in the picture I found at Tuesday Morning I thought it was super cute. I got one for each of my work buddies. 
(sorry about the lighting)

The kids are getting bows on their gifts.

Yesterday I spent my time putting everything into each stocking to see what we still need.  It was really fun!

How do you approach wrapping your gifts?

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