Thursday, December 3, 2015

I challenge you!

December is here! On that note the madness had begun here as I am sure all of you are looking at your month and thinking "How am I going to get all of this done!?!" I know I am. I also know that due to all the running around this month that my house kind-of goes on the back burned until right before Christmas.
So I thought about this and after watching some of "Howjendoesit" you tube channel and I got inspired for a challenge.
Before I go to bed at night I will make sure that all my dishes are cleaned and put away and will wipe down all my counters in the kitchen and make sure my kitchen is completely cleaned.

I have been doing this for the past 3 days and I have to say when I wake up in the morning and go make my coffee I love going into my kitchen. There are no dishes in the dish rack and everything is so clean. It's very peaceful.

 When I came up with this challenge I did not know that this was a challenge that she had issued a few months ago. I just started watching her. She has a new challenge this month that is awesome as well.
I have attached her video about this months challenge along with 5 other challenges she has had over the past months from the howjendoesit you tube page.

I had my challenge set. I can do this! What is the challenge you have set for yourself this month? Do you think cleaning up in the evening will help you with your mornings?
I can't wait to hear from ya'll about what you have planned for yourselves!

Until next time....

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