Sunday, October 4, 2015

Grocery Haul

Good Morning Beautiful People another grocery haul has happened. I did get some great deals on this trip to Kroger's.

Bolt house smoothies were buy one get one free at $2.99 each. I bought a berry one and a C boost one and spent $2.99 total for it. Each drink is 2 servings so for my "sweet tooth" moments I have these quick smoothies.

Thomas Bagels also were  buy one get one free at $3.99 each. I saw they had Pumpkin Spice Bagels. I could resist. So I got it and a plain bagel package. This is a great for the kids to be able to eat as they run out the door.

For the Hubby I try to do at least 1 grab and go lunch. That's what I call it. It's pre-made food from the deli. I only get it if there is a sale. Well He lucked out! The boneless Buffalo Wings were $2.19 and the Fried Chicken was $4.79. With the Fried Chicken he'll get 3 lunches out of it.

This week I planned for Salads to be the main side dish for our meals and I lucked out! Dole's Salads were marked down for a quick sale to .99 cent. I got 5 of them for dinner and 2 for my lunches.WOO HOOO!

Over all I spent $89.84 on Groceries leaving my monthly balance of $350.00 to $260.16.
I also spent $15.75 on Toiletry items. I got some B 12 it was also buy one get one free that were $7.99 each.
 So my total at Kroger's was $105.59.
I saved $31.36, GO ME!

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