Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This weekend

I know I didn't post Saturday's Craft.I was planning on posting it after the hubby and I came back from searching for Sleeper Sofa's. I wanted to go to a new store that opened in the Dallas area called Nebraska Furniture. As we drove up to the store we noticed it had it's own 6 floor parking Garage  and the building it's self went on on and on forever. I looked at my hubby as we parked and said "what did we just get ourselves into?"

When you walk into the building you have people standing the to greet you and than they say this "Here is a Map of our store." Wait what? We are going to need a map of this place. I was actually happy to have the map because I thought I got lost at one point. IT"S THAT HUGE!

We found what we were looking for finally. The couch section is huge I finally asked where were the sleeper sofas at, because  my hubby was going to wear himself out looking under all the cushions of each couch. I had looked at everything online and the prices in the store were 100.00 cheaper. My wonderful hubby and I found one we liked and he said "Ok let's get this financed!" UMMM No back up this bus here Mister. I only came to look and pick one out so I can save the money for it. I don't want to ending up spending  600.00 for a couch that is only 399.00. No it didn't cause an fight, my hubby wants me to build credit so we can buy a house. I like living way under our means and he completely gets it. He knows I am trying very hard to pay of the car we bought in March.
So after I wrote down the price and what couch it was we were off to explore this HUGE store!

When we were done there (we were there for a long time and I had found 2 more things I wrote prices down for) it was time to pick up  the teenagers from work. I still had more errands to run. So my daughter and hubby went with me. My daughter's light on her crappy ceiling fan doesn't work and we decided to replace the fan with just a light. Habitat for Humanity has an awesome store called the Re-Store. It's fairly cheap. We picked up and light for her room for 7.95.

So by the time we got home from all the running around that day it was time for me to start getting ready for our double date with our friends at Addison's Londoner. This was our WOO HOO last weekend to be out late because the boys (step sons) are coming up for the summer Monday night. Both of us know how it is important to carve time out for us to go on dates but we both know how important it is to spend what time we have with my hubby's sons when they are up. If my hubby could see them everyday he would. He used to see them every Wednesday night until they moved to Austin 3 years ago. We still see them every 1st and 3rd weekends thru the month. It's important for my hubby to be a part of their lives! Now we do miss school functions and football games they are in (it Sucks!) but we try to make the most of it when they are here.

I also wanted to share something I found online. I think it's great for kids in the summer time. It's called Kiwi Crate. It's for children ages 4-8 they have other crates for older children as well. I thought it was awesome!

The older children's crates are called :
Tinker Crate 9-14 ages
Doodle Crate 9-16 ages

This Saturday was Landon's 10th birthday! He is the youngest out of all of our children. WOO HOOO DOUBLE DIGITS! That was the 1st thing we did was calling him as soon as the hubby woke up!
Whew! So back to why I wrote all of that I didn't have time to post the craft. I will be posting 2 crafts this coming up Saturday!

Sunday was spent in bed until 11:30am . Hubby lt me sleep to late! LOL
I still had to go get some groceries from the store. Kroger's has Nature's brand Bread on sale for .99 Cents!
I mainly spent my day doing chores and Cross stitching. It was a quiet day for me. The Hubby worked on Abby's light in the bedroom and Abby taught herself how to put together her floor fan for her room. I love quiet Sundays!

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