Tuesday, June 30, 2015

DIY 4th of July Wreath

Well Hello Everyone! I'm so happy to be back posting after taking a week off.
As Promised it's my monthly wreath making post. For July, it's easy it's all about Independence Day.
I bought 7 different fabric quarters. in red, white and blue colors. 
Then I picked out a heart shaped wire wreath. I spent 17.43 for the fabric quarters and 4.99 for the Heart Shape wire wreath.  My budget was 30.00 I only spent 22.42. BUDGET GOAL MET!
With the extra fabric quarters I'm going to make an Apron. I can't wait!
Than I sat down and cut all my fabric into strips. Followed by tying each strip onto the wire wreath.
I started with red and as I continued I figured out the pattern I wanted, I had been playing in my head
a few different ways I wanted to work the colors.  When I started this I thought to myself "what did I get myself into? This is going to take FOREVER!"  It did take sometime between cutting the fabric and tying it onto the wreath. 

One note: when cutting the fabric it does not have to be perfect. I made my fabric different sizes when I cut my strips. I felt and feel it adds some dept to the wreath.
What 4th of July decorations or even July decorations are you going to make? I'd love to hear.

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