Saturday, February 21, 2015

Operation: January's Big Project COMPLETED!

I'm late in posting this. At the beginning of the year My wonderful husband and I sat down and make a to-do list of things that we needed to work on around the house or with the family.
January's to-do list was simple for my husband and as it turned out not so hard for me.
My husband had to take both our dogs to the vet and get their shots. (not so hard right) I thought I start his year off easy.
My to-do was to paint our dinning room ceiling.UGH! Now I had painted the walls a year earlier from Mustard Yellow to a Gray Blue, however never got around to the ceiling (which was Mustard Yellow) I was going to go White with the ceiling. When it came to buying the paint I bought one with Primer in it so that I wouldn't have to do 18 coats of white to cover up that Mustard Yellow. It took me maybe 3 hours to paint the whole ceiling and WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MAKES!
as you can see in the before picture the walls and the ceiling do not go together. UGHH Mustard Yellow!

I still had to paint the trim in this picture (thanks to my daughter)she did it for me!
Plus with the new window film I'm putting up it's going to tie the room together, beautifully! I can't wait to have this room finished with all the redecorating!

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