Saturday, January 25, 2014


I thought I's share this with you. My Very good friend Shane is riding his bike for a good cause, Tour de Cure logo. Visit his site and help fight Diabetes!

Why I Ride...

It's pretty simple.  I see people every day who suffer from the effects of diabetes.  I lost my uncle to diabetic complications and I know others who have passed too soon because of what this disease can do.
This is my opportunity to make a difference.
I'm guessing that you know someone whose life has been changed by diabetes, and I'm asking you to please help me do some good, to raise awareness and education, and to generate a little money for a huge cause.
This is my second time to ride the Tour de Cure.  Last time I rode the Tour I barely made the minimum donation requirement, and while every bit helps, I want to do more this year.
My goal is $1500.  I put in $26 of my own to get started.  I'm not asking you for that much, just a few dollars - one, five, ten - whatever you can spare to help me make a difference in the lives of so many.
This year I'm dedicating my ride to Jay Ganz and my Uncle Kyle, two lives cut short, two souls that are dearly missed, and to my friend Pam Fitzgerald, quite possibly the funniest diabetic on the planet.
Thank you for your support!
 - Shane

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