Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Time to get Organized!!!

Getting organized! First step for this to happen is putting together my family planner.I searched all over the internet looking for something that would fit my needs for a planner. I did have a planner on my Nexus 7 until it died then I realized I didn't know what was going on or when. That is why I have choosen the old pen and paper method! That is the one reason why most planners fail, they don't work for the person using them. I strongly suggest to take time and look at every page and ask yourself "Will this planner realistically work for me?"
 There are tons of sites that offer free printable sheets. At one point I was even toying with printing a pages at different sites that will work for me. I found a planner that had everything I needed. It was a AHH HAA moment. I was so thrill looking over the pages that were offered. This is where I got my planner at, even the title says it all "My Life Notebook"

Now it's all printed in color(something my husband doesn't get he thinks black and white it ok), hole punched and put into my new binder I have been tasked with filling everything out! For the past week I have been using it and it seem to be working great for me!

However there are really cute planner pages for free all over the net! I liked this one as well
that I found here

cleaning schedule
This is another page I thought was great for people workingout.

Useful planners

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