Thursday, January 23, 2014

14 Weeks of organizing your home! Week 2!

I am challenging myself to a 14 week organizing my house. I got the challenge at:
Week 2 was reorganizing my pantry. Now we live in a house built in the 1940's. There was no built in pantry back then. What we did was use one of the cabinets in the kitchen to hold all of our dry food. Thanks to my wonderful husband he hung a new cabinet for me this week for all our dry foods. What this did for my kitchen space was wonderful! It actually didn't take all week to do this project. What did take the longest was making out my pantry inventory. Every time we use a can from the pantry we mark through the list or if we buy more dry food we add to this. The idea for this was to make it easier when I had to make the weekly grocery list. I must say I got to use it last week and it work! It cut having to go through everything to see what I had. Because my Pantry was organized and I had my list it only took 20 minutes to make my list!
I only took an after picture.

I am so looking forward to completing week 3 and sharing with everyone!

1. Kitchen
2. Pantry
3. Landry Room
4. Bathroom
5. Office
6. Master Closet
7. Master Bedroom
8. My Son's Bedroom
9. Step-son's Closet
10. Dinning Room
11. Living Room
12.My Daughter's Room
13 & 14. Garage

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