Monday, January 4, 2016

1st Monthly Grocery Haul for 2016

Happy New Years everyone! Saturday I woke up early, got dressed and headed out to shop for a month of groceries. Whew! I was tough and I got a huge work-out!
Now planning for a month of groceries took me about 3 hours to do the week before. First I had to made a menu for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Then I had to write up everything I was running low on here and everything we would need to make all our meals and place them on a grocery list for each store.

My main stores were Sam's Club and Aldi with Kroger's being the place I bought most my meat at that wasn't chicken or ground meat.My budget for the month was $400.00 and I only spent (this included the dog food!) $324.55
My car was PACKED as I drove home.

car. This is what I got a Kroger's

And this is what I got at Aldi. (I only spent $110.00 there! WOOHOOO)


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