Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's already March!

I would say March Madness, however then I would have to say April Madness, May Madness, e.c.t.
February was a great month! My son, James turned 19 and My baby turned 18! We had a lot of Snow the last week of February. I got a new car (it's new to me). I have been adjusting to all the independence that has been taking place here.

My Daughter, Abby is taking up a Challenge for March. It's a picture a day. She will be posting her challenge every Wednesday here.

As for the Hubby he has taken up a challenge to get my car's windows tinted and to fix the Amp for the radio. (he's going to fix it all by himself, I'm so proud of him!)

For me, I have a few things I want to get done. I'm starting something called "Share 15". It's about cleaning my house. I have to get the whole family involved. (I'm dusting off the whip LOL) Plus I am going to re-visit my house whole budget. I will keep you posted on those Challenges. (And they aren't the easiest of Challenges!)

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