Sunday, March 15, 2015

Getting Help

My husband is always telling me I need to stop doing so much and start asking for help around the house. Now I could just say "Can you clean this or that?" but I know it really won't get done in a timely manner. So this leads me to doing everything myself.
A few weeks ago I was looking on other people's blog for my menu and I ran across a blog about something called "Share 15". I read it and thought this might work!

  What is Shared 15? It's quite simple. Every night at 8 pm everyone has to clean for a solid 15 minutes a shared living space. If one person finishes before someone else they have to help everyone else out.Each week we rotate to what cleaning each person will clean.(if I clean the toilet one week the next week someone else cleans it)Shared 15 is Monday through Saturday, Sunday is reserved for cleaning our own rooms.

 There are 4 of us living here so that is 360 hours of cleaning a week. That is A LOT Of cleaning. This week my step sons are staying with us so this week we will cleaning for 540 hours. WOW!

 I had to sit down and make a list for each day. The first list didn't make the cut I had to make 2.

At the bottom of the page I put everyone's name and add what number they clean each week so we keep track. The 1st list had 2 of working in the bathroom at one time and that did not work. So every day each one of us is cleaning a different room. This is working. I was amazed!

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