Thursday, December 4, 2014

Crafty Christmas Wreath

 I am super excited to write this! This was my 2nd wreath to ever make and I think I did really well. First I search pinterest to get an idea of what type of wreath I wanted to make. I didn't want one that was over the top just something simple. I wanted to not use a wire wreath but one with evergreen.
 Micheal's was having a 50% off sale which was perfect. I bought the evergreen wreath, blue wired edge ribbon, and 6 blue and silver holiday decorations. The total cost was $24.90. I came home and couldn't wait to start. I fluffed up the evergreen wreath, then I took my ribbon and wrapping it around 1 green steams and continued the same patten with the ribbon all around the wreath. I only did 1 passed around, you can do two if you like. (just remember it will make your wreath bigger)
 Next I played with where I wanted the accent pieces to go. I knew I wanted to place them in 2 different places. I wrapped each piece around each steam until it came out the way I liked it. This project I was so proud of and it only took 30 minutes to do!

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